The Power of Adversity – A Guide to Finding Your Greatest Gift in Life

I am excited to announce the release of my first book - The Power of Adversity – A Guide to Finding Your Greatest Gift in Life.  Over the past few years, I have listened as dozens of women shared their personal struggles with me about their closest relationships, struggles for work/life balance, raising children and more. This book will be released in Jan 2015!

As I began to reflect on those many conversations, the desire to share my story and help as many women as I could kept growing.  That is why I decided to  write for us about home renovation The Power of Adversity – A Guide to Finding Your Greatest Gift in Life.

Choices.  We are faced with dozens of them every day.  Many – what to wear, when to eat – are mundane.  Others have some consequences, like major purchases for the home or judgement calls at work.  Then there are those occasional choices we have to make that are life altering.  The paths we choose at those points help define us from that moment forward.  Literally our identities are shaped at those points in time.

I was at such a crossroads at the young age of 19.  Too young of an age to have to make such a decision.  Then again, it was a decision born from an experience no person should have to face at any age.

Throughout my youth I was living a dream.  As a professional entertainer I performed in front of large audiences, traveled to competitions and participated in beauty pageants.  I looked forward to a future full of possibilities in the entertainment world.

That changed when I turned 18. I was sexually molested by an older man and left completely traumatized.  Normally a happy and sociable personality common in the entertainment world, I became depressed.  My weight dropped significantly and my world view turned dark and unrealistic.  My closest relationships lost their vitality.

The very day I returned to my childhood home I knew I was faced with a pivotal life choice.  I could decide to be a victim by letting this man and what he did to me control my life.  This alternative would leave me defined by missed opportunities and fear.

I opted for the harder but more fulfilling route.  This horrible encounter would become a learning experience.  Choosing to control this experience instead of letting it control me, I set out on a path that made me a much wiser person, a better wife, and the life coach ready to hear about your experiences and help you learn from your adversity while coming out a better person on the other end.

I began with a vision - a vision of what I wanted my life to look like, and then passionately set out to make it a reality.  For the next five years, I devoured every piece of information on development and marriage I could find.

Along the way my life’s passion was born - “What does it take to get a life truly worth living for?”  What happened to me in my late teens does not define me but has helped shaped what I have become.  It was truly a blessing in disguise.  I am now leading the life I deserve – that we all deserve – one filled with purpose, passion and love.

You know what?  Each day I wake up and choose to make it even better, by doing things I want to do, things I am truly passionate about.

I want you to have that kind of life too.  The potential is in all of us.  It was not easy, but it is worth it.


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My story and passion has lead me to writing, The Power of Adversity – A Guide to Finding Your Greatest Gift in Life .  I am driven to inspire and empower women to live lives that are completely fulfilling.

Who better than someone who has overcome her own significant challenges to encourage you to overcome yours?  In The Power of Adversity – A Guide to Finding Your Greatest Gift in Life, you will learn you have the ability to make the desires of your heart a reality.  By showing you how to use the most powerful tool at your disposal – your mind, I will walk with you as you face down and overcome your own personal adversity.  Together we will look at the importance of whom you surround yourself with, what you say to yourself and how to create your own personal philosophy.

We all have habits we engage in, and the difference between people living a life of fulfilment and those who are not is the fulfilled ones created their own habits instead of accepting the ones life could have chosen for them.  Through choosing a series of behaviors and actions, which may feel a little unnatural at first, we build the foundation for a fulfilled life.

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